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About Me

My first Christmas, I was given a metal bank of Rudolph the Reindeer (since it was both of our "debuts"). That bank sat on my dresser while I was growing up and held every precious penny I could save. 
Then about 30 years ago, my sister gave me another Rudolph and our guest room became "The Rudolph Room". At the time, the only antiques I was interested in were from our family and ancestors. But, I wanted to find more Rudolph collectibles. So of course, I "had" to go to auctions, flea markets, and tons of antique stores to hunt for deer Rudolph. I became addicted to antiques (primitives are my favorite) and now have a houseful! 

When we moved to Tennessee from Iowa City, I gave up the "Rudolph Room" but gained an antique shop!
Since I can't keep everything that I buy, I'm offering my terrific finds to you for your enjoyment!

If you're in the area, I would love to have you stop in, say hi and see what I have to offer!

See you soon!

213 East Macon Lane
Seymour, TN 37865
Hours: 11-5 Monday through Saturday

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